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Why is FedEx charging me a fee?

Sometimes if your package is being shipped via Fedex, you will get an email notification that a fee must be paid. This means that the package was dinged by customs and Fedex has already covered the charge. You’ll need to pay this fee to receive your package. 

We do not assess any customs or duty charges for international shipments. Members are responsible for any applicable customs, import duties, and taxes.

Monthly subscription watches are sent with a declared value of the full price of the subscription (i.e. Platinum is declared at $299).

Here's an example of where you'll find this information during check out:


Wheel watches are sent with a declared value of the retail price of the watch. You can find the retail price listed for each watch on the Wheel by clicking on the "RETAIL" link listed under the name of the watch.

Customs charges vary per country based on their own customs laws.

Our Everything You Need to Know About International Shipments article also has everything you need to know about shipping and customs.

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