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I wasn’t home to sign for my package

Watch Gang utilizes a variety of shipping services. Please find the section below that is applicable to the shipment you are referring to.



If you look up your tracking and see that your delivery person attempted to deliver your package, but you were not there to sign for it, do not worry. They will hopefully have left a notice with directions for you, but if not, all you need to do is look up your tracking number on the USPS website. On their site you’re able to reschedule your delivery. Here you’re given the option to select the best day for them to deliver your package so that someone can sign for it. If you know you will not be able to be home for a delivery, you can also pick up your package at your local USPS location where it is being held.



If you've already missed your delivery, your driver should have left a UPS InfoNotice slip that will give you instructions on where your package can be picked up or how to reschedule a delivery for a more convenient time. If the delivery is on its way and you know that you won't be home, you can sign into UPS My Choice and have your package delivered to a UPS store of your choice or re-routed to a different address where someone you know is able to sign for it. Fees may apply depending on the final address.



If no one is available to sign for your package, FedEx will leave a door tag with instructions on what to do to have your package redelivered or picked up. You are able to find out everything you need to do with your door tag here.  If you know you won't be available and your package is on its way, you can sign up for FedEx's Delivery Manager and set your package to be delivered on a certain date or held at a FedEx location.

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