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Help! I moved and my watch is going to my old address!



Unfortunately, once your watch is out the door, we have almost no control over where it goes unless it gets sent back for some reason. But don’t worry! You can actually forward all your mail by going to the USPS’s Mover’s Guide. This is a great way to make sure you don’t miss a single piece of mail. With it, you’re able to enter in the date that your mail needs to be forwarded to your new address and any mail sent after that day to your former address, will be automatically re-routed.



You are able to have Fedex hold your package at one of several secure site such as a local Walgreens or Dollar General. All the info you’ll need to do so can be found by signing up for Fedex’s Delivery Manager. If you’ve moved to a completely different city, you are able to forward your package to a different address, but Fedex may charge you a small fee.

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