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My payment is being declined?

When a payment is being declined we're unable to manually process or push the payment through on our end.

1) Double-check with your bank first. Sometimes with larger purchases, they might put a hold on a purchase.

2) Your street address and zip code have to match with what's on file with your bank. Some banks are more specific than others and even require the spelling be the same (ex. Ave. vs Avenue). Unfortunately, we can't push these transactions through when they have this error message.

Once you're able to verify everything with your bank, you can update your billing information here:

You can verify if you have the correct Billing address by clicking the box next to "Billing address same as shipping."



If this is still giving you trouble, we've seen the PayPal option work for other members who experienced the same issue.


If you still experience any issues, please reach out to our team at and we can look into it further for you.




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