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How do I stop automatic shipments?

If you need to stop your subscription(s) altogether, please send your request via the Manage My Subscription form or email at

There are a few reasons why we want to hear from you first:  

Members Can Have Multiple Subscriptions

One of the most unique parts of Watch Gang is that members can have multiple subscriptions at once. We’d hate for you to miss a watch that you would love just because of a mistake while cancelling.

When we handle the cancellation for you, you can be sure that it’s all correctly taken care of with no disruption to any other subscriptions you have. 

We Have Options!

We don’t hide the fact that what we’re doing at Watch Gang is anything short of revolutionary. That makes us a bit different from your usual subscription box service. 

Because so many awesome benefits are tied to your membership, we like to work with you one-on-one to make sure you’re not missing out on anything special when cancelling your subscription. 

We can try setting you up on a different tier, switch some Style preferences around, you name it - we have options that make your experience even better!

There are also a ton of perks of having an active subscription. Our weekly Rolex and TAG Heuer giveaways are just one example of the hundreds of Grail watches we give away every year. We also have the famous Wheel of Watches, exclusive member events, flash sales, and the ever-growing Watch Gang Store. 

There’s Nothing Like Direct Feedback

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more valuable to us than your honest-to-goodness, straightforward feedback. Nobody knows the ins and outs of the member experience better than you. That’s why we love to touch base with you before you go, just in case there’s anything we can do to improve the overall experience. 

Our mission is to keep working to make Watch Gang better than ever, and your feedback is absolutely instrumental in making that happen. 

We hope that you stick with us as we continue to offer even more incredible watches at an unbeatable value. And remember, in order to be eligible for all of our getaways, including weekly chances at a Rolex and TAG Heuer, you must have an active subscription with a watch on the way. 



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