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How does your referral system work?

You and the person you referred will now earn 50 points once they signup and begin a new subscription!  

Please keep in mind that a "referred member" is defined as a brand new customer to Watch Gang brought on by the member's specific referral link.  Although it's healthy to love oneself, we do not allow self-referrals.

Referring your friends and family is easy!

1) Login to your account at

2) Click on the "Refer A Friend" button.

3) From here, you can either copy and paste your unique referral link and email your friends or you can email them directly from your account by adding their email addresses in the box beneath your link and click "Send My Referral Link."  You can also click on the unique social platforms and post your link directly to your Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest account.

You can keep track of your Referral points under your Referral Link Activity.

You can use your Referral Points to purchase additional watches on our Wheel of Watches or you can convert them into credit that will automatically be applied to your next renewal or additional subscription.  To convert you Referral Points into credit, click on "Convert to Credit" in the "Referral Points Transaction" section.

Referral Points cannot be transferred to other accounts.

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