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What can I do if the watch I just received has a dead battery?

Please contact us and we'll get you squared away.  Please send us a video of the watch not moving so we can quickly assess the issue.

We typically only assist in reimbursing dead batteries up to 30 days from the time the watch has been received.

Double-check to make sure your watch isn't actually solar powered where the battery is powered by light.

When the watch is exposed (display facing up) to sunlight or strong artificial light (of more than 1,000 lux), it will start charging the battery. Leave the battery exposed to light for 24hrs to ensure it is fully charged (typically only really takes 3-4 hrs). Once it is fully charged it will have a power reserve up to 4-months. As long as you are wearing the watch and exposing it to light, you really won't have to worry about it shutting off on you.

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