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How do I pause my monthly shipments?

You can pause your shipments one month at a time by heading to My Account.

Find your Plan Type and click on "Manage Plan" next to the subscription you'd like to skip and click on the "I want to change my renewal date" button.

From here you'll have the option to either change your renewal date or postpone your subscription by 1 month.

Skipping the next renewal date doesn't change any existing shipments. Please contact us directly if you need to change any existing shipments.

Under "Manage Plan" you'll also be able to change your shipment frequency from Monthly to Quarterly or On Demand.

Please note any changes will be reflected on your next renewal.

Pausing a shipment does not stop future automatic renewals.  If you're looking to stop automatic shipments altogether, you can find more information on how to do so here.





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