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How do I modify my subscription?

You can change your membership subscription by logging into your account at  Under the "Your Subscriptions" section, click "Edit" underneath the subscription you'd like to change.  On the next page, you can switch your tier under the "Choose A New Product" field.

Please note that changing a membership tier doesn't affect any existing shipments.  We renew all memberships on the 30th so any changes will go into effect the following month.

For example:

On October 3rd, you decided to change your Original Tier Subscription to a Black Tier Subscription.  Your account renewed on September 30th and was charged for an Original Tier Subscription. The watch that you would receive in October would be an Original Tier watch.

When your account renews on October 30th, you will be renewed and charged for a Black Tier subscription.  You would receive a Black Tier watch in November.

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