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Holiday 2020 Shipping Guide

While we have shipped all orders on time, all carriers are experiencing unprecedented volume increases in addition to having limited employee availability due to the impacts of Covid-19. You can find some of their statements below:




We've seen a lot of instances where the package wasn't initially scanned by the carrier only to be scanned at the next destination or after it arrived.

We've also seen packages show movement and then rest idle for a few days. We've seen these packages get updated as well.

With the vaccine being recently released, we've also been told that carriers are making any packages related to the vaccine a priority.

With all this being said, the global pandemic has wreaked havoc on all carriers and fulfillment centers so shipments may experience unforeseen minor delays.

If you don't see an update to your tracking after 8 business days, please reach back out and we'll be happy to look into further for you, but unfortunately given everything that is going on right now all we can ensure you is that your watch has shipped and will be delivered. I wish we had more concrete information at the moment, but unfortunately even the carriers themselves can't provide us any more additional information other than it is in the system and will get delivered.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

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