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Watch Gang Exchange Auction Post Template

Effective 2/17/2020, ALL AUCTION posts made on the Watch Gang Exchange
Facebook (WGE) Group MUST use the template below. The WGE templates CANNOT be altered, and all of the identified information MUST be Included.
Please note, every post MUST INCLUDE YOUR Watch Gang Member ID. If you do notknow your ID or cannot remember it, you can get your Member ID here:
1. You must fill out the template below COMPLETELY and it CANNOT be altered.
2. Your Member Verification Code / Member ID must be listed at the top of your post.
3. At least one photo of each item must be included. If there are condition issues, photos of those should also be included to properly represent the state of the items being sold.
4. If watches are being sold as a package, you must fill out the items below “Sales Price” for each item being offered in the package and can just indicate one Sales Price.
5. If more than one watch is being offered, each section needs to be filled out for EACH WATCH being offered.
6. Only one (1) auction can be held by a seller at one time.
Any non-compliant posts will be removed without notice.
Member ID:
Please note, under the WGE Rules:
1. Buyers Can Only Comment With Bids Or Valid Questions Not Addressed In Listing.
2. All Bids Are Considered Final – No Deleting Bids
3. The Winning Bid Included All Payment Fees, Including PayPal Fees.
Item(s) Being Auctioned: All items included in the auction MUST be described, even “free” items.
Auction Starting Time: Time must include time zone
Length of Auction in hours: Cannot be less than 12 hours or exceed 48 hours
Auction Ending Time: Time must include time zone and explanation of how end of auction works (if ends at 9pm, the last valid bid is 8:59:59pm)
Starting Bid:
Bidding Increments:
Brand & Model:
Watch Specifications: At a MINIMUM, include watch diameter, type of movement and dial color (if difficult to determine by the photos). A link to the watch company website is acceptable, which shows the full specifications
Description of condition: If a MODIFIED WATCH, you must indicate where purchased and if a WR test was completed.
Items included: If any items are missing or not included, they MUST be listed or it is implied that the watch includes all items, as provided by the manufacturer.
Payment Terms: Include forms of payment accepted, including any fees included or in added to price. In addition, include the timeframe in which the payment is expected.
Shipping Terms: Include where you will ship the item to. If this is not filled out, it is assumed that ALL international bids are accepted. In addition, include the timeframe in which the item will be shipped after payment is received.
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