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How to set your watch

1. Remove the watch from your wrist.

Do not wear your watch if you need to adjust the time, date, etc. You can damage the internal components of the watch. 

2. Release the Crown & Move to First Position.

To wind your watch, you’ll need to release the crown and move your watch into “First Position.” The first position is for manually winding your watch and is where the crown is just unscrewed. Depending on the type of crown your watch has, you’ll either need to pull the crown into first position or you’ll need to unscrew the crown by turning the crown counter-clockwise.

3. Set the date in Second Position.

Pull the crown again to the second position to quickly change the watch’s date. Turn the crown clockwise until you reach the correct date.

4. Set the time.

To set your watch’s time, simply pull the crown out to the furthest position from the watch. You’ll notice your watch will stop ticking to help you accurately set the time.  Gently turn the crown clockwise (or away from you) until you set the desired time. 

Pro Tip: If you overshoot your desired time, do not turn the crown counter-clockwise to go back. You can damage the movement of your watch if you turn the crown counterclockwise (towards you) while in the 3rd position. Keep winding clockwise until you come back around to the correct time again.

5. Set your watch at AM or PM.

No easy buttons to press here. To determine if the time is set to AM or PM, wind the crown clockwise until you see the date starting to change. If you start to see the date shift, you know you’ll be up to midnight and will soon be set to AM once that date changes.

6. Put the crown back into Zero position.

Now put the crown back the way you found it.

If you only needed to pull the crown to get to first position, you can just push the crown back into its “zero” position.  

If you had to unscrew the crown, you’ll need to screw the crown back down to ensure it is pressurized and water-tight.

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