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Can I gift a monthly subscription?


We suggest purchasing a gift card here:

If you'd rather just set up the subscription for them you can follow the steps below:

If you're new to Watch Gang and don't have an account, you can follow these steps:

1) Visit & either enter in your name and email address of the gift recipient's name and email.

2) Select the Tier Membership you'd like to purchase.

3) Enter either your shipping information or the recipient's shipping information.

4) Select your billing plan and shipment frequency.

If you create the membership in your own name, you can always switch it into the gift recipient's later under your Account settings.

If you are a current Watch Gang member, please follow these steps:

If you’d like to create the membership in the name of the person you are gifting the subscription to, you’ll want to log out of your account. Once you’re logged out, you'll want to complete the steps listed above.

If you’d like to remain in control of the gift subscription, you can simply add a new subscription from your Account and add a new shipping address for that subscription.

Then pat yourself on the back for being the greatest gift-giver of all time!

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