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Can I choose the size of the watch and type of strap?

All of our watches are sent with the standard manufacturer sizing.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee watch size or band type in our mystery watch subscription. We do not carry multiple sizes of any band type and typically, we do not carry extra links for stainless steel bands.

Our leather bands are the same stock size that you would receive from any store and our metal bands come with a full bracelet (meaning enough extra links that the average person usually has to remove a couple).

Since the type of strap isn’t guaranteed, we find that many of our members change their straps to add their own personal touch to their watch. You can learn how to change a strap here.

If you find a mystery watch subscription might not be for you and want more control over the watches you receive, we suggest checking out our Wheel of Watches

With the Wheel of Watches, you'll actually be able to filter for watches in the size and strap that you want.

You can also purchase additional straps on our Accessories Wheel.

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