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Are the watches high quality?

It doesn’t matter which level you decide to start your membership. You will always receive a watch valued higher than what you paid.  We partner with premium Craft brands and large name brands to help fill your collection.

In our Watch Gang Original membership, you’ll generally find Japanese Miyota or Seiko movements, stainless steel and real leather bands. The watch styles vary greatly and may be classic, sport, or military to name a few. The brands are generally lesser known but still provide great timepieces.

Our Watch Gang Black membership is generally a mix of Japanese or Swiss quartz movement. We also sprinkle automatic movements time and again on the Black Tier. The Black tier is a great way to build out your collection without breaking the bank. You'll notice a considerable increase in quality while also being fashion-forward.

We like to say that the difference between our Black & Platinum watches is like switching from a Mustang to a Cadillac. Even when they're sporty, they’re classy. Platinum tier watches always feel sophisticated. These watches primarily have Japanese and Swiss Automatic movements.

You can take a look for yourself and view a gallery of past watches on our Watch Gang Content site at

All of our watches come with a guaranteed 2-year warranty.

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