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What are the rules of the Exchange Page?

This group was set up by Watch Gang as a resource for its subscribers as a tool to exchange and discuss its watches. This group is not a customer service site, it is solely meant to facilitate the sale and exchange of watches.

The number one rule which has been in place since day one…

Don't be a jerk! Be excellent to each other. No bullying or harassment of any kind. Please just be decent to one another. We're all here in this group because we love watches.


PLEASE READ ALL of the rules below carefully and FOLLOW THEM while interacting/participating on the Watch Gang Exchange (WGE). In the event that a rule is not followed by a member, a warning will be received from a WGE administrator or moderator. AFTER FIVE (5) WARNINGS the member WILL BE REMOVED from the group. AFTER REMOVAL, members may contact Watch Gang to dispute the removal and request the matter to be reviewed by sending an email to: EXCHANGE@WATCHGANG.COM

PLEASE NOTE – In order to properly monitor and provide administrative assistance on WGE, the administrators and moderators need to be able to read all posts and send messages to WGE members. Accordingly, WGE members CANNOT block ANY member of the WGE administrative/moderator team. IF a WGE team member is BLOCKED ON FACEBOOK, the member will be removed from the group. This is an AUTOMATIC REMOVAL and NOT SUBJECT TO REVIEW.


Customer Service: If you need customer support or have Watch Gang service related question or issues, please send it directly to Customer Service via one of the ways listed below. We truly want you to get the most accurate information as possible and these methods will get you straight to the Watch Gang Member Services team, who are equipped to most accurately answer your question:

Email: (Original, Black and General Inquiries) (Platinum & Centum)

Call: (844) 413-7017

Fax: (310) 340-2963

Watch Gang takes ALL feedback seriously. If you would like to submit feedback DIRECTLY to Watch Gang, please utilize the following link:

In addition to the resources mentioned above, Watch Gang also has a great help section on their website, which has answers to very commonly asked FAQ's and other information regarding its subscription/other services. That can be found with the following link --->>

* Please DO NOT PM Matt Gallagher directly or tag him in your posts as he does not monitor them. He wants your problem resolved as quickly as possible and it will be solved much faster by going through appropriate channels, we promise! Trust our team, that any questions will not be answered without speaking with Matt before-hand as the Moderators of this page have been selected by Matt himself.

Please note: The Watch Gang exchange is not part of a Watch Gang membership package but a bonus perk we offer to all our members. Watch Gang reserves the right to limit access to the exchange as it sees fit.



* NO BUSINESS PROMOTION posts of any kind are allowed without the approval of a Watch Gang administrator. This includes posting of your business contact details or actively marketing to WGE members via posts or other means. This includes the addition of a business card in your post.

* Only ACTIVE Watch Gang subscribers may post watches for sale, trade or auction on WGE. If you ARE NOT a subscriber, you can still participate (buy, offer trade and/or bid ONLY) in all sale, trade or auctions, but can't initiate a new post.

Non-subscribers and/or non-active subscribers CANNOT POST ITEMS for sale/trade on WGE. This applies even if the post is not initiated by them, such as a group/flash sale post. If you ARE NOT a non-active subscriber, you CAN buy, offer trade and/or bid on auctions.

A WGE member is considered an “active subscriber” if: (1) they have a current subscription with Watch Gang for the month, or (2) they have an account with Watch Gang which is on hold AND have current purchase activity during the month (wheel or flash sale purchases). Both of theses criteria apply during the month that the FSOT post is placed on WGE by the member.

If a member’s Watch Gang subscription account has been cancelled, they can no longer post items for sale, trade or auction on WGE.

* The watch MUST be in the POSSESSION of the subscriber at the time the item is posted and CANNOT include an item if it is PRESALE/SPIN Watch or a presale of a Watch Gang subscription watch or flash sale item. The watch must be the property of the seller and not another party/seller. The post must include an ACTUAL PHOTO of the watch that will be received. All items offered for (or in exchange for) sale, trade or auction MUST include an ACTUAL PHOTO of the item (if missing post will be deleted). Photos must also be included in posts looking to trade for "ISO" a specific watch.

If you do not have the watch available to you and in your physical possession, you cannot offer it for sale, trade or as an auction item on WGE. This includes watches in transit rom the wheel or otherwise not immediately available to ship. No exceptions allowed. All posts that aren’t in accordance with the “possession” requirement will be deleted.

* Payment plans are not permitted. All sales MUST include only one payment, no multiple or delayed payments are allowed.

Watch Gang wheel points are ineligible to be included in a trade on WGE.

PLEASE NOTE: If your sales, trade or auction post excludes to list an item, such as extra links, boxes, papers or other items that originally came with the watch, it is assumed that they will come with the watch as a part of the WGE sale. If they are not a part of the sale, each excluded item MUST be specifically listed in the sales post.

For information on grading your watches, please refer to the following post:

* Group sale posts are not permitted (posts where multiple members posts watches/items for sale), including group flash sales. All sales posts should include only the one seller. Sales with vague terms, such as “let’s see what you have for sale” or “post what you have” will be deleted. All ISO posts must be specific to the original poster’s buying intent and not general in nature.

“DISCLAIMER: if you post one a "i have $x show me what you got" you absorb extra risk by buying from a potential non-member. Please understand we have rules regarding non-subscribers and they are not allowed to sell in these types of posts.

* FAKES/REPLICAS/COUNTERFEIT WATCHES (or any other type of fake item for that matter) are NOT ALLOWED to be POSTED, SOLD, TRADED or DISCUSSED on the Watch Gang Exchange Facebook Group. ALL posts with replica/fake watches will be REMOVED WITHOUT NOTICE and the member may be subject to removal from the group. This includes sales posts, general questions, informational posts as well as "want to buy" posts.

PLEASE NOTE: The posting of a legitimate question of whether a watch is genuine is okay. However, once it is determined to be fake, the post will be removed.

* ONLY ONE (1) auction can be held by a WGE member/subscriber at one time. The MINIMUM time for an auction is 12 hours and the MAXIMUM time period for an auction is 48 hours. NO extensions or anti-sniping provisions are allowed to be provided. The auction CANNOT set a reserve and cannot end early. The post MUST include a starting price, actual photo of the watch(es) and/or items being sold, bid increments, end date/time and a description/rating of its physical/mechanical condition. The winning bid includes all costs to the buyer, including shipping/handling charges. If a post does not comply with these guidelines, it will be removed.

The seller must shut off comments at the specified end time of the auction to help determine winner of auction. Accordingly, the seller must be available to do so in their post at the end of auction time.

Please note: Auctions must be primarily watch related and a majority (75%+) of the value of the auction items must consist of watches and watch related items.

* Purposely bumping/bidding on auctions with the intent of artificially inflating auction bids is PROHIBITED. If a GROUP of members CONSPIRES to bid as a group to manipulate auctions, all members of the group will be placed on an immediate MUTE from commenting on WGE for a minimum of 3 days, with the potential of being REMOVED from the exchange permanently.

* NON WATCH ITEMS can ONLY be posted for TRADE on WGE. The post must NOT include any mention of selling the item. Sales of non-watch items is NOT allowed and sales posts of non-watch items will be DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE. All items offered in exchange for an item listed for trade MUST include an ACTUAL PHOTO of the item and must include a description/rating of its physical/mechanical condition. Items offered in trade must be in the possession of the person and its identity/model information must be known by the person trading it as well as the person receiving it.

Please note: This applies to items that aren't directly used with/for watches. For example, watch straps, winders and watch boxes are allowed to be sold. Bracelets and other types of jewelry are considered non-watch item under this and ALL OTHER WGE sales guidelines. Accordingly, they can only be traded, not sold or auctioned.

* ONLY ONE "BUMP" (Bring My Post Up) is allowed on ANY sale, trade or auction post within a 12 hours period. Sale, trade or auction posts that are bumped in excess of this standard are subject to being SHUT DOWN for comments or completely DELETED from the WGE group page. For AUCTIONS, this rule includes auction timing updates and reminders of who/what the top bid/bidders are (NOT allowed). The ONLY comments allowed are answers to questions within the posts. This rule has been put in place to allow ALL posts to receive the same exposure and opportunity to be viewed by members.

* The TRADE of MYSTERY/BLIND boxes/watches ARE permitted on WGE. These trades MUST be initiated by an ACTIVE SUBSCRIBER. It is important to understand that the items in these trades are UNKNOWN, so the trades are undertaken at your own risk. The contents of trade or lack there of, are not the responsibility of Watch Gang, or Watch Gang Exchange Admin Team. Please note, the failure to ship a trade will be treated the same way as any other trade.

* The SALE or AUCTION of MYSTERY/BLIND boxes/watches is NOT PERMITTED on WGE. All items being sold or traded MUST BE known to the buyers and listed in the post. All items offered in exchange for an item listed for trade MUST include an ACTUAL PHOTO of the item (all items) and be in the possession of the person offering it for sale or trade.

There cannot be mystery items of any kind in an auction, including “giveaway” or other “free” items. ALL items, including incentive items, need to include a photograph in the auction post.

* NO GoFundMe links, requesting donations or fundraising. Requests for assistance with fundraising, donations or asking for assistance in general with expenses is NOT ALLOWED to be done in any manner or form. Members are not allowed to ask for funding for GoFundMe campaigns (for any cause), ask for donations to assist other members or hold auctions on the behalf of other members. In addition, no posts should include any reference to needing to sell something off to help with personal debt (copy of bill). These are all things that can be handled personally and not appropriate for a watch exchange group.

This includes solicitations for free watches due to lack of funds, being new to the hobby or to assist with a hardship.

* Raffles or "waffles" are NOT ALLOWED to be held, promoted, discussed or mentioned on The Watch Gang Exchange (WGE) FB Group. This rule includes all other posts which involve gambling, contests for value and other giveaways which involve risk of loss by the participants. All posts including any of these items will be removed.

Please note, Watch Gang was advised by their legal team regarding this policy and it is meant to protect WG from liability.

* The sale of firearms and firearm related accessories is NOT allowed on WGE. Knives are okay, but only in exchange for watches.

* Firearms/Guns are allowed to be included in posts, such as an EDC photo with your watch. Please remember, this is a watch exchange group and that should be the focus. In other words, the Watch needs to be the focal point of the photo, not the gun or other firearm. Any posts that violate this rule will be deleted without notice.

* Alcohol, Animal and Vehicle sales and trades are not allowed.

* Drugs and drug paraphernalia are not allowed to be sold or posted on WGE. These posts will be deleted without notice.

* Sexually explicit photos and/or related content are not allowed to be sold or posted on WGE. These posts will be deleted and member removed from the group WITHOUT NOTICE.

* DO NOT post links to your sales on other Facebook groups or outside auction sites (eBay). If you wish to post an item for sale, please use the SALE feature on WGE only. All outside links will be deleted WITHOUT NOTICE.

* If you need help or have a question related to the Watch Gang Exchange Facebook Group, please tag a moderator (Brent Azus or Mark Andrews) in a post or send them a private message on Facebook. Keep in mind, Moderators of this page are members just like you.

* No promotion or linking of other Facebook groups. This includes discussions of other Facebook groups, their members and former WGE members. All such posts will be deleted WITHOUT NOTICE.

* TROLLING, BAITING, BULLYING, HARASSING and other INTENTIONALLY inflammatory posts are NOT PERMITTED. This also includes, doxing. Do not participate in witch hunts in the group. If someone screwed over another member, they will be added to our "alert" post with proper due diligence. This is to protect everyone from participating in risky trades/purchases. These types behavior in the group will NOT BE TOLERATED and will be dealt with swiftly and all members involves are subject to REMOVAL FROM THE GROUP WITHOUT NOTICE OR EXPLANATION.

* Non-Watch Gang affiliated groups or pages are not permitted to be discussed on WGE.

* NO POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS/RACIAL/SEXUAL topics and/or posts are allowed. Any posts of this nature will be deleted WITHOUT NOTICE. Members who consistently make these types of posts or remarks may be suspended from the group.

* Non-watch related topics are allowed on WGE, but should be limited. However, if the topic is deemed inappropriate, it will be subject to removal without notice. This does not include posts regarding watch accessories and related products, which are allowed.

* Sales posts are reviewed and confirmed on a frequent basis. As a result, group members will be required to provide information to support the fact that they are, indeed, Watch Gang subscribers. If this is not provided, the post under review is subject to removal.

Please follow these rules as they have been put in place for the benefit of the entire WGE group. Many of them have been developed to address actual issues that the administrative team has dealt with since the group was first established. They are based on lessons learned by the administrative and moderator teams and have been discussed to ensure that they appropriately address known issues and work to protect our membership from future problems. We ask that you respect these rules and follow them as laid out above.


* If you're buying or selling something, use PayPal Goods & Services (NOT FRIENDS & FAMILY) and ship to a verified address. If you're trading, we recommend buying your shipping label from PayPal or stamps.comand only shipping once you each have tracking numbers. We encourage members to ALWAYS INSURE your shipments to cover any losses due to damage, loss or theft.


* We have created a "TRADE ALERT POST" which identifies those individuals and includes information regarding why they should be avoided. Please contact a moderator if you are having issues and would like someone considered for adding to the list. Here is a link to that post -->>


If you disagree with something in this group, please reach out to a moderator/administrator via PM respectfully with your concern or question. Accordingly, any arguments regarding rules will be deleted. We promise that if you give respect you will receive it in return. Openly disrespectful comments towards and harassment of our moderators will NOT BE TOLERATED and may result in IMMEDIATE removal from WGE. They are here to help with questions and administer the group's rules, so being openly aggressive towards them in a post or via PM is NOT ALLOWED.

Remember that this group is a community and while it is an arm of Watch Gang, it has its own set of rules. Our goal is to offer amazing resources for you in this group but to do so we need you to follow the guidelines. Flaming, bashing or harassing of Watch Gang or its employees will NOT BE ALLOWED. Member or not, if you cannot follow the group’s guidelines, you will be REMOVED from the group.

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