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What is the Wheel of Watches and how does it work?

The Wheel of Watches is a fun and innovative way for our members to buy a watch. 

The best part about the Wheel is that you are guaranteed to always get a watch worth the same or more than the value of what you paid.

You can access the Wheel by heading to The Wheel section of your dashboard.

There are 5 Wheels to choose from and each Wheel allows you to select up to 8 watches to spin for. We also offer different Specialty Wheels every week. Those prices vary. 

  • Fashion Wheel  - $79.00 USD
  • Fashion + Wheel - $169.00 USD
  • Sport Wheel  - $295.00 USD
  • Luxury Wheel  - $395.00 USD
  • Premium Wheel  - $595.00 USD

Please note there are additional shipping costs which vary based on location and will be displayed at checkout.

Each wheel consists of various Levels. Watches fit within different Levels based on their lowest online value.  

All Wheels allow you to choose the following:

  • 3 watches from Level 1
  • 2 watches from Level 2
  • 1 watch from Level 3
  • 1 watch from Level 4
  • 1 watch from Grail Level

All spins are final.

When adding watches to your wheel, choose wisely.  Click the image of the watch to learn more about it before you add it to your wheel.  Returns and refunds are not accepted.

Pro TipIn the tiers that allow you to select more than one watch, you can select the same watch multiple times.

You can also Filter each Wheel by brand, size, color, type of strap, etc.

All watches ship within 14 business days from the spin.  Typically they are shipped out sooner but since these are shipped directly from our brand partner shipping times do fluctuate from watch to watch.

You can keep tabs on your orders in the WHEEL SPINS section of your account.

All watches purchased on the Wheel come with the manufacturer's warranty.


Make sure to take your time and review all the watches and click on them to learn more about them. You win what you spin and we don't allow redos.

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