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What is Centum?

Watch Gang's Centum program is a severely limited membership. This is a non-recurring product and only available to current Watch Gang members in good standing. 

Typically, these are limited edition watches from our brand partners that are sold exclusively to Watch Gang’s Centum members. The price will change each offering depending on the partner.

We will alert members when a Centum watch is being offered. In the email, we will include the cost, details of the watch including value, movement, case size, strap type, etc.

We will first reach out to members who purchased the Centum watch in the previous offering and will then offer to those next on the waitlist if there are any remaining spots.

As with all of our products, sales are final. If necessary, service will be done by the manufacturer to keep within the guidelines of the warranty.

We ask our members not purchase to purchase with the intent to flip or resell. We do not control the market for your watch and if you purchase Centum with the sole intent to profit, you are signing up for the wrong reason and may be disappointed if you're unable to do so. We don't want that.

You can join the Centum waiting list here:

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