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How do I pause or cancel my membership?

You can skip a renewal by logging into your account at 

Under the "My Subscriptions" section, click "Edit" underneath the subscription you'd like to skip.  

Under the "Subscription Details" section, you'll have the ability to Postpone your membership for up to 3 months.

Skipping the next renewal date doesn't change any existing shipments. To push back or change shipment dates, please contact us directly.

Skipping a month leaves you in good standing and provides access to our Wheel of Watches and the ability to trade and sell in our Watch Gang Exchange Page.


If you absolutely need to cancel, no hard feelings.

You can cancel your account by filling out our Cancellation Request Form.

By filling out the Cancellation Request Form and providing us your feedback our member support team can quickly handle your request.  You will receive a confirmation email once our team reviews and processes your request.

Once your account is canceled you will no longer have access to the Wheel of Watches and the ability to trade or sell in our Watch Gang Exchange Page.

Please review our Cancellation Policy for cancellation cut off times and possible fees associated with pre-paid plans.


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