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How do I use a Diver's Bezel?

We made this short that explains the functionality of a Diver's watch and the Diver Bezel:

Diver watches are by far one of the most popular styles of watches.  Some of the more popular divers we’ve had in our subscription are Ocean Crawler (Platinum Tier), Out Of Order (Black Tier), Nautis (Original Tier).

Diver watches are designed to keep track of time spent underwater.

The scales go from zero to 60, indicating minutes in an hour. The first 15 minutes are marked in one-minute increments while the rest of the scale is usually marked in five-minute increments. 

The increased resolution for the first 15 minutes on the scale allows divers to time decompression stops during ascents at the end of a dive. Pretty cool.

Let’s be real though.  Most of us aren’t going scuba diving, but you can still find the bezel useful.  When we asked our team what they use their diver bezels for they provided the following:

  • When to feed the parking meter
  • Doing laundry
  • Baking (frozen pizzas)
  • Bathroom breaks before the second half of the game starts

To use a dive bezel, set the zero marker opposite the minute hand. You’ll now be able to read off elapsed time on the bezel without having to do any mental calculations.


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