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How do I earn Points?

You can earn points in a handful of ways.  

Watch Gang Members earn one (1) point for every ten dollars ($10) spent on a Renewal Subscription.  

You can purchase points to participate in a spin(s) on the Wheel in The Wheel or My Points section of your account.

You can also earn points through our Referral Program

Points cannot be assigned, sold, or transferred to any other person or entity.  Points have no fair market value, cannot be returned and cannot be redeemed for cash or anything of value, other than a spin.  

We also give points away quite frequently during our giveaways.

Watch Gang Members do not earn points for dollars spent on the following:

  •  The first month of a membership
  •  Shipping and tax costs
  •  Flash Sale purchases
  •  Wheel point purchases (other than the points purchased)
  •  Centum Watches

Please note that points purchased expire 5 years after purchase and unused points earned through renewals or referrals, etc. expire 12 months after being added to your account.



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