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How does the Refer-A-Friend Program work?


We are currently in the middle of revamping our referral and rewards program. 

We ask for patience as there may be delays in issuing rewards associated with referrals.


When you log-in to your account, click on the "Refer more friends" button located towards the bottom right side of the page.

You'll then be able to either manually add your friend's information or copy your own unique referral URL link and share via email or social media.  It is super important that your friends click on your link when they sign up so you can see them appear in the Referral Tracker section in your account.

Their referral will count towards your account after their 2nd shipment ships. Essentially meaning - One and done counts as none.

If you refer 2 friends, you can redeem that for a free month of a Standard subscription. If you refer 3 friends, you can redeem that for a free month of a Black subscription. 

Although it's healthy to love oneself, we do not allow self-referrals.

Our system doesn't automatically redeem referrals, so please email us when you've met the threshold and would like to redeem your referrals.

Please keep in mind that a "referred member" is defined as a brand new customer to Watch Gang brought on by your referral link.


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