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Are there any fees associated with my subscription?

There are no fees associated with your monthly subscription. However, requests to stop shipments while in the middle of a 3, 6 or 12-month prepaid plans will incur a 20% fee.

You can place a stop on your monthly shipments at any time by calling us at (888) 973-0183.

Please note we do have cut-off times before you are charged for that month's shipment. 

Stop Shipment Cut-Off Times:

1. Stop Shipment requests before 5PM PST on the 10th will receive a full refund and that month's shipment will be canceled.

2. Stop Shipment requests after 5PM PST on the 10th will not receive a refund and will receive that month's shipment. Your account will no longer be billed for that monthly shipment moving forward.




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